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The name Sunstone was probably given due to the light reflections, which can be reminiscent of the flash of sunshine.



The colour of the sunstone is visually reminiscent of the red-gold glowing sun. The colour spectrum of the sunstone ranges from yellow and orange to brown, rather rare is the colour green. The most common colour is a rich orange in various shades with glossy particles, interspersed with almost white spots. This unique optical effect is called "aventurescence", which is caused by the deposition of the finest platelets of iron oxides, especially hematite.



The cabochon cut emphasizes the sheen of the stone.

Mineral group

The Sunstone is a variety of the mineral Oligoklas from the feldspar group, which also includes the Moonstone and the Labradorite.



The most significant sunstone occurrences are in Australia, India, Madagascar, Norway, Tanzania and the USA.

Mohs scale

The sunstone has hardness 6-6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

The scale consists of a series of 10 minerals, each of which "scratches" all standing in front of him.

1 + 2 are scratched with the bare fingernail

1 - 5 are ritz bar with the knife

6 - 10 are bar with glass ritz


The best way to care for the sunstone with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.


The sunstone is said to promote positive thinking, to lighten the psyche of depression and to find inner peace.


The sunstone comes out best with yellow gold. It can be worn both in autumn tones but also in a summery look.

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