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About the Company

PLETTENBERG Fine Jewelry is a luxury and bespoke fine jewelry brand established in 2018 in Munich. 

Our vision is to make the experience of purchasing fine jewelry more personal, transparent, seamless and fun. And create jewelry for every phase of life.

Our aim is to guide our customers through the complex process of purchasing and also customizing their own jewelry pieces.

We want to grow with our customers from the moment they are getting engaged, through their first child and through all the steps of parenthood, to other important events in life like birthdays, religious events, anniversaries and many, many more. 

Our customers are at the core of every decision we make. 

We focus on:

  • individualized fashion jewelry 

  • bridal concierge service

  • bespoke jewelry

  • "art meets fine jewelry"

We distribute only, through appointments and fairs.

About Alexandra

Dipl. Psy Alexandra Countess of Plettenberg travelled and lived in many places of the world where she discovered her love and passion for fine jewelry. It was there where she also discovered that one of the "most intimate" and exciting acquisitions in life is handled in a very neutral, unemotional and non-transparent manner.
Her idea was born to make this important purchase in life something special with transparent communication and to take customers by the hand during the entire process.

She loves to brainstorm about the perfect piece of jewelry for every single customer, be it bridal jewelry or some other bespoke piece of jewelry.

Her fine jewelry and "art meets fine jewelry" collection is inspired by her travels, art and her personal style. Each piece is intended to be sophisticated, unique, delicate and cheerful. So that every woman and man can radiate even more through her jewelry and feel the power and joy of life.

All her jewelry pieces are collectables and can be stacked and layered to create unique combinations. 

About the Design Process

All our designs are made to withstand and shine throughout a lifetime and even beyond. To tell a story, to hold a memory and to be passed down to your children, their children and maybe even theirs. 

We start by sketching the details of the jewelry, be it a bridal or bespoke piece or an addition to our fine jewelry collections. 

The design is then either being made directly by hand or visualized with high resolution 3D rendering. We will adjust every detail until it is perfect and ready to be printed, cast and then set by hand.

Each step is a separate process in itself and many people are involved in the production of a piece of jewelry, starting by the designer, to the moulder, the goldsmith who makes the piece of jewelry perfect by grinding and polishing it, to the gemstone setter and, last but not least, the quality manager.

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